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Comfortable Endodontics Procedures

Endodontics is the term used for any dental procedures involving your teeth's nerves. Root canals are the most well-known and common endodontics procedure. When your tooth becomes infected, the infected nerves should be removed before the infection leads to more serious problems. Come to Randol Woolbright, DDS PSC for a safe and reliable endodontic care.

Nothing to Fear from Root Canals

Dr. Woolbright and our friendly, careful assistants will make sure you are comfortable throughout your root canal treatment. The benefits of this procedure and the latest high-tech options have made root canals far less scary than you may believe. If you are suffering from pain, call 812-752-5555 to schedule an appointment right away.

Other Endodontic Surgeries

Unfortunately, if a root canal is unsuccessful, an apicoectomy may be necessary. This process removes the tip of the tooth's root and replacing it with a filling. Also, if the tooth fails to heal properly, it may become painful or diseased, even long after your root canal treatment. In this case, a retreatment procedure may be necessary.
Dental process

Using Modern Technology

Our practice uses a state-of-the-art rotary endodontic tool, allowing Dr. Woolbright to perform root canals with a great degree of accuracy. This increases the overall success of the results from the process.
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"I've never met someone so caring and gentle as him... I've moved away, but if I still lived there I would be taking my kids to see him."

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